Embody the Feminine  Online Master Course
Learn secrets so powerful that men will do whatever it takes 
to claim you forever.
$5000 value
Now for only $497!

Embody the Feminine & Attract Love with Ease

Imagine this...

Somehow out of nowhere, the man you're with or the one you've had your eye on begins to look at you differently. 

He can see you... he can feel you on a heart -to-heart level.

And it triggers something deep inside of him that tells him that he wants to ditch his single life and commit to be your man forever.

He wants to care for you, love you, provide for you, make sure that you're always safe.

And it allows you to feel grounded, supported, loved and like life can truly feel complete.

Or how about this...

Through your own energy, you attract a man that is your complete equal partner. 

A man that inspires you, challenges you and holds you to your best self so that you can better serve the world.

He is your partner in crime, someone that shares your dreams, and lifts you up to become your happiest self.

This type of man and future life is waiting for you... 

But just like any area of life, you just have to learn the skills and put it in practice!

Don't wait any longer or keep yourself from this incredible future.

If I've been able to transform my life to attract this type of man - even in the modern world - then so can you.

With my help, you'll learn how to embrace your feminine Modern Goddess essence so that you can energetically attract the man you want with ease.
So let's take a moment to take an inventory of your life:

  •  Career: Yep, you've got that one knocked out of the park.
  • Friends: Check... you've got a ton of em' and don't need any half committal men to add to the list...
  • Health: Ehhh, you could do better, but generally you're on the right track
___ Love from a man who adores you that you’ve been dreaming about but have never been able to find: Blank stare and awkward pause....

If you're feeling a big void in the love category, then this course -- my darling -- is for you.

I can totally relate to the feeling of trying to find “the one”. (Or not trying but just secretly wishing you could find "the one").

And at this point, it feels like a daunting, never ending cycle of disappointment that's just not worth it.


No more playing games and wasting your time. 

No more seeing your friends getting paired up and feeling like the 3rd wheel

No more dealing with family who's eying you, like "when's it gonna be your turn"? 

Don't settle for a life of being single or becoming an old crazy cat lady just yet!!

I’m Teal Elisabeth, and I'm going to show you another way.

This is the place to be if you want to experience unshakeable confidence and magnetizing love.

Take my hand, and let me show you how to... 
 Embody the Feminine 

This online master course includes a 6 part online audio series full of tools, guided reflections & applied techniques to help shift your presence to attract love from a high quality man with ease. 

In this course, you'll learn how to:
Feel confident to claim the kind of love you want in the modern day
Let go of what your friends, your relatives or society tells you that you "should" want from a relationship. Discover what YOUR dream love story is and watch it unfold...
Uncover what's been blocking you from having true love
Go deeper within yourself to understand why you've been struggling to attract long-lasting love. Then make different choices to disrupt your patterns!
Attract a high quality man without having to settle
Stand in your truest authenticity and vulnerability so that the incredible man you've been waiting for can find you, see you and fall deeply
in love with you!

       Here's what the program includes: 

Lesson 1: Get Clear on Exactly What You Want 

  •  Create the vision of exactly what your ideal relationship, man, and future self will be so you know the direction to move toward
  •  Learn powerful manifestation techniques that align your desires with your future reality
  • Practice step by step actions to get out of your own way of sabotaging your love success

Lesson 2: Become a Modern Goddess
  • Uncover the secret side to your being that will make men melt in your presence and become magnetized to your energy
  •  Uncover the scary truths of how the feminist movement could ruin our chances at love if we don't make big shifts as women
  •  Apply actionable tools to help shift your presence instantly without giving up your power as a modern badass female

Lesson 3: Release the Patterns Keeping you Stuck
  • Take an honest look at your relationship patterns and gain tools to release the limiting thoughts and beliefs 
  • Go deep within yourself to clear the mental clutter and emotional baggage so you don't bring it into your next relationship
  • Shatter your subconscious beliefs holding you back from having that envisioned dream relationship you're deeply desiring
Lesson 4: Embody Unshakeable Self- Love
  • Learn the secret qualities that high value women of today share and how it creates a powerful, humble respect among men   
  •  Connect on a deeper level with your own self - love and begin establishing a self care routine that will keep you glowing from inside to out
  •  Shift how you approach relationships to create an equal, balanced energy exchange that will have men worshipping you

Lesson 5: Create Magnetizing Feminine Confidence
  • Tools to not just “handle” your emotions – but to deepen them and expand them so that you can use them to attract him even deeper
  •  Easily shift yourself out of any low confidence, self- esteem or self- worth and emanate a magnetic, enrapturing energy that high quality men can't resist 
  •  Apply these tried and true instant confidence boosters to ensure you're bringing your best self to relationships so men can see the authentic, badass you!

Lesson 6: Create Intimacy & Long-Lasting Connection
  •  Embrace your vulnerability from a place of open hearted strength that will inspire him to open up and become emotionally closer 
  •  How to feel independent, accomplished, smart and powerful without closing off your softness – an incredible combination that will make him want to risk it all for you
  •  Communicate your emotions and needs in a way that will speak right to his heart and evoke his desire to powerfully protect and take care of you
  •  Experience love flowing abundantly and with ease!
Access the entire program Right Now, Risk Free and Receive:
  •  6 - part online audio series (hours of lessons of distilled knowledge, secrets and tools to start applying right away)
  •  1 VIP 1:1 30 minute coaching session with me (for on the spot coaching to help get you feeling "un-stuck" from your current situation) -- There's nothing better than personal 1:1 support!
  •   Unlimited email coaching support for 1 month while going through the modules
  •   10 supplemental resources, worksheets and action steps to implement immediately
  • = OVER $5,000 VALUE

Need help getting signed up? Contact our support team at: Admin@tealelisabeth.com
" Teal helped me speak to my man in a way that not only made him listen to me, but I've inspired him to change for me.

I'm not the type to pay for courses, but trust me, this is worth every penny. "   

Candice, California, USA  
Embody the Feminine Modern Goddess
within you & watch your love life shift fast.
  • After completing this course, you can say goodbye to:
  • The mental chatter filling your mind with crazy emotions about why this area isn't been complete yet 
  •  Endless online dating that doesn't lead to anything concrete
  •  Dating "little boys" who just don't want to commit
  •  Meaningless one night stands
  •  Feelings of loneliness, insecurity, or unworthiness
  •  Guys that don't feel like they deserve you
  •  Lying in bed at night worrying about being alone forever
  •  Trying to downplay your strengths or compromising yourself to make men feel comfortable
  •  Dealing with friends and family that ask you why you're still single

And say "HELLO!" to ...

  • Having the kind of relationship you've always wanted
  •  Feeling grounded and settled in this area of your life
  •  Pride, joy, worthiness, and overall sense of completeness in your life
  • Your new best friend, who shares your beliefs and is open to your needs 
  •  A man who is able to be vulnerable and create a genuine, deep loving connection
  •  Changing your face book profile status finally!.. if that kinda thing matters to you ;)
$5000 value
Now for only $497!


Need help getting signed up? Contact our support team at: Admin@tealelisabeth.com
"Teal helped me through one of the hardest times (if not THE hardest time) of my entire life. She was a sister to me. She was an angel for me at I time that I needed someone to understand me and to support me - and to believe in me. I honestly needed that healing space to be real and to be vulnerable to turn back around and get back up, and she was there for me.  

I truly appreciate everything she gave to me, THANK YOU from my best and highest self. She helped me get back up, and on the road to joy in my life 🙂 and what is more important than that from one human to another in life ?"  

Angela, Vancouver Canada
Access the entire program Right Now, Risk Free and Receive:
I want you to FEEL GREAT about your decision to join me in how to
Embody the Feminine so I'm letting you TRY IT FOR FREE FOR 60 DAYS.

You can take your time to go through the entire program at your leisure.

Access all the training modules...

Download all the handouts...

There's no rush. You can take your time and have a full 60 days to go through everything. 

See it for yourself. Put it into action and watch your life shift. THEN you can decide if it lived up to the value you were looking for. If you didn't get value from it, simply email our Customer Support team within 60 days and I'll refund everything.

No hassles, no run-around... and we can still be friends :)

I can't make it any more risk free than this. That's why you can feel 100% confident about investing in this program.

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself. 
What would your life look like without today's
obstacles in front of you?


Teal, a professionally trained Relationship Coach, has a deep passion for supporting ambitious, driven women in opening their hearts to receive love. After going through her own share of dating struggles and heartbreaks, she became determined to master this area of her life. The principles she shares in this  course are tried and true - and helped her attract her committed life partner.

She now makes it her personal mission to support ambitious women, like you! in connecting with their most authentic self so they can attract meaningful, loving relationships while still standing in their power. 

"Teal has been such an inspiration for me.
The best part about her coaching style is her radiant application of it in her own life. Teal lives her intentional way and invites the love and abundance she knows she's worth naturally. This makes those in her presence desire to radiate in the same ways.

With Teal as your guide to loving yourself wholly and attracting the abundance you deserve in your life,
you are sure to get in touch with your highest vibrations."
Amelia, California, USA  
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